Chess Club

BCSD Chess Rage!
The BCSD Chess Club meets every:
afterschool - 5:30 pm
Community Campus Cafe
The club is open to all for social, recreation, or competitive chess to scholastic players and their families and friends.  e-mail:

          BCSD Chess Club (formerly WRHS Chess Club) began in 1999 and boasted 8 members.  The club began participating in and sponsoring Tournaments in 2006 and now has about 42 active members.  Hundreds of kids have benefited from tournaments, after school, during lunch, and other club sponsored activities.  Kids have engaged in numerous fund-raising projects that support our activities.  In 2010, WRHS presented Integrating Chess and Critical Thinking, an elective credit class for high school students.  In 2013, the WRHS Chess Club became the BCSD Chess Club to encourage all Blaine County school students to participate.  We also moved to Community Campus/ Silver Creek High School, as Mr. Porth accepted a new science position there.  Please Donate and help our club continue to sponsor tournaments, buy equipment, and help students.

      The BCSD Chess Club philosphy is to train students in the game of chess.  The BCSD Chess Club is an all-inclusive, K-12, extra-curricular program that emphasizes intellectual and academic development of one's mind through the sport of chess and related activities.  Our goal is to develop sportsmanship, character, responsibility and to emphasize the importance of mental exercise.  Chess offers a lifetime of enjoyment and competition that promotes positive growth of one's mind.

2014-15  Pres. Jordan Pulliam & Journey Iverson, Vice Pres. Levi Catangcatang
2013-14  Pres. Andre Murphy, Vice Pres. Wesley Brimstein
2012-13  Pres. Desmond Porth(2nd Sem.) & Pres. Riley Clark (1st Sem.), Vice Pres. Anna Murphy
2011-12  Pres. Desmond Porth & Pres. Riley Clark
2010-11 Pres. Nick Bruck & Andrew Uriarte & Vice Pres. Miles Hendrix
2009-10  Pres. Nick Bruck & VPs Taylor Walton & Shane Breuss
2008-09  President Kitt Connor & Vice President Danny Mills  
2007-08  President Max Bates, Kitt Connor, Johnny Dilley